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Which magical girl are you?

Magical Girl Rating community
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WARNING! This community contains spoilers for the following animes:Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Tutu, Pretear, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Petite Princess Yucie.

Welcome to the rating community of Anime Magical Girls! I do have specific definitions for each magical girl, please read them before posting and voting. (If you don't agree with my definitions I understand, these are definitions I came up with while I was having anime parties with my fellow female otaku, so while it's not just my opinion, I'll happily accept any suggestions for the definitions!)Read all rules before posting and voting.

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1)All apps. must be under a cut, all cuts must read "Henshin Sequence"
2)All apps. must read "I won't let you do whatever you want!" in the subject line
3)All votes must be in bold!
4)No cosplay pictures in your app!
5)No being rude inconsiderate or mean to people you know and don't like, or people who vote you as someone you don't like. If I catch it YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!
6)If you want to advertise another community on this one that's fine as long as they relate to anime, manga, and such stamping communities. Please do not advertise for any Yaoi, Yuri or Hentai communities, I don't mind it but others might.
7)If you want to apply for a second rating you must wait 14 days, no exceptions!
8)You do not have to be stamped to vote.
9)Do not just wait around for your stamp and not vote on anyone, also do not stop voting after you have your stamp, if you do not vote on at least three apps every two weeks your name will be removed from the stamped list. (I know this is a little harsh, but I think you can all agree wtih me that it's really annoying waiting a month or two to get stamped because the stamped memebers feel now that they've been stamped they don't have to care about the community anymore.) Wow, I said stamped a lot in that sentence.
10)You must have at least 5 votes before you get stamped.


Sailor Senshi: Warriors and princesses, magical girls and high school students, sailor senshi have very full, very contradictory lives. They can hardly blink before they have a new all powerful evil being to fight which usually kills them for a little while. But they always come back from it and go on with the normal lives they wish they had. They have entrance exams, chores, school and protecting the natural balance of the universe, only to eventually die and be reborn to do it all again.They only get rest when their dead, and sometimes not even then.

Magic Knights: Magic Knights exist for the pillar of Sephiro, called on when the pillar is no longer able to sustain Sephiro with their prayers. They not only have to prove themselves to the people of Sephiro along the way, but also to the god who will give them the ability to gain true power.As they mature on the inside their weapons and armor and powers change with them until they are ready for the task they were called for. Magic Knights in the end must destroy the pillar they thought they were supposed to save because they are no longer able sustain Sephiro and a new one can not be found until the old one dies. They're duty is a neccesary evil, but when they leave they discover the strength they already had.

Pretear: A Pretear is born every generation to protect leafe, the life energy of the universe from Fenrir. While Fenrir, the princess of disaster, is the enemy she was also once a pretear herself. Usually having some kind of personal dilema, they fight to feel useful and many times end up feeling like a tool of the Leafe Knights. If they let these feelings get to strong they can easily become the next Fenrir, but if they can overcome them they gain the ability to become the white pretear, the most pure and powerful Pretear.

Rose Bride: The Rose Bride is usaully a tool for others ambitions, lacking the self-confidence to stand up for herself, the rose bride accepts any fate or punishment handed to her, even if it's undeserved. She stands back supporting the strengh of others even though she could easily destroy them. When she meets someone who starts to treat her like a human being, she starts to gain the confidence to step foward and fight for herself and those she cares about.

Love Angel:These girls are so sweet they'll give you a tooth ache. They transform into wedding dresses to fight and when those get to hard to move around in they turn their outfits into armored honeymoon lingerie. They work for the goddess Aphrodite to protect love, and usually wind-up converting the demons they were fighting into angels. Upbeat, innocent and sugar-coated, love angels are the girly girls of all the magical girls.

Platinum Princess Candidate: At the age of ten they stop growing, and compete with eachother to gain the powers of the Eternal Tiara to to wish themselves into adults. They go through constant trials and tribulations to be able to gain the strength of heart (and the maturity they've been lacking along with their age)to win it. They all eventually become best friends, (as is standard magical girl plot twist) and find out that in the end the candidates that don't win must be sacrificed to save eachothers worlds (as is standard Gainax plot twist). But in the end they're willing to give it all up for eachother.

Princess Tutu: Probably the most selfless of all, she doesn't care what she sacrifces to save the ones she loves. She knows her sad fate from the begining and still fights to protect others. Loving and pure, she never acts selfish or conceited, she's always willing to lend a helping a hand.

Cardcaptor:The most cunning and resourceful of all of our choices,a cardcaptor have to be able to think on her feet. Not willing to let anyone get hurt, and gaining and keeping the trust of spirits of the cards, she also has to defend her position as master of the clow. She may have her down days but she is probably the most confident of all of our choices.

Lost Girl: Lost girls have no useful power or position in the here and now,)and they are full aware of it and let it get them down constantly) but to other dimensions and times they're saviors.They somehow find a way to other worlds or the past and are charged with an otherwordly task after which they go home and can never return. Along the way they wind-up bringing out the best in people and are the causes of very unlikely unions. Sometimes a love interest from their world/time gets pulled along for the ride and they end getting closer by the end. In these cases when they get home they find some kind of proof that everything in the other world turned out just fine. Other times theyfall in love there and get pulled away from him when everything is done. This usually matures them and they find the strength to go on. In most cases their love is somehow reincarnted in the lost girls world.

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