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I won't let you do whatever you want! That's my job!

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Jun. 16th, 2009 | 05:20 pm
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posted by: startingfromnow in magicgirlrating

Name: Danielle.
Nickname: Danni or Tufty.
Age: 14 forever! 15 seems to be the age limit for Mahou Shoujo ...
Birthdate: 26/7/94 (it's catching up!)
Zodiac Sign (east and West): What, as if Year of the ...? I'm a Leo, and year of the Dog.
Height: Um, around 5 foot? Titchy like Hikaru-chan.
Likes: Books,books,books,manga,manga,anime, music, sweet things, fantasy, daisies, oreos, magic, drawing, cola, more fantasy. Fangirling.
Dislikes: Drunks, lilies, exercise, spicy foods, overly pretty people, the colour orange, um, smokers? Being afraid, being lost, being lazy. Reality TV.
Strong Points: I think I would be determined if I needed to be, and apparently I'm sweet and strong. I also think I'm kind, understanding, a dreamer, believer, and intelligent.
Weak Points: Lazy, coward, sulky, can't be bothered, not funny at all, shy, and embarasses herself easily. Also, gets annoyed very easily.
Pet Peeves: Drunks. And lilies get on my last nerve. People who judge blondes, people you judge full stop, shallow people, um ... finding someone's taken my last pack of oreos :P People who judge things on it's fans.

What is your Dream?: I can't tell you that, or it won't come true! To meet CLAMP.

Hobbies: Um, drawing, reading, listening to music, singing, dancing, LJing, stamping.
Talents: Drawing, I think, and creative writing.
Favorite Color: Sky blue, sakura-pink, or RED!
Favorite Food: Chinese food ... mmmm ....
Least Favorite Food?: Fish. *shudders* Anything still alive.
Favorite Sport: Archery or fencing. I generally hate sport. I hate things I suck at.
Mature or Immature?: Immature forever! I refuse to grow up, you can't make me.
Leader or Follower?: A follower dreaming of being leader in something more important than organising a get-together or leading the warm-up in sports at school.
Strong or Weak? (physically and emotionally): Emotionally? Strong I suppose, in real life, but books and movies and things make me weeeeep .... but not for too long, I suppose. Physically, I'm mega-weak, but apparently my slaps round the head hurt majorly.
Would you sacrifice yourself for the greater good?: Depends on whether that greater good protected my friends and family. If it did, then every time yes.
Favorite Element and why?: Fire. It's my element, and roses grow best when helped by ash. I know it destroys, but ...
Favorite Type of Magical Girl and why?: CardCaptor. Her invincible spell. Need I say any more?
Least Favorite and why?: Love Angel. Too sugary even for me.
Favorite Quote or motto: "Zettai, daijobu da ya!"
Anything else?: Nope.



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