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I won't let you do whatever you want!

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Jan. 24th, 2007 | 08:44 pm
posted by: kafeekafee in magicgirlrating

Name: Jessica
Nickname: Jess or Jessy
Age: 17
Birthdate: Nov 2nd
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Snake
Height: 5'1"
Likes: Anime, Manga, Performing Arts, Food, Japan, Ancient History, Japanese food, Sweets (But more like daifuku and stuff rather than chocolate).
Dislikes: People who are selfish and unkind, backstabbing, manipulating, or just plain mean. Also, Spinach because it made me really ill once.
Strong Points: I am a loyal friend and very caring, and I usually know what to do.
Weak Points: I care too much and can be a bit sensitive. I get hung up on small details.
Pet Peeves: Flakey, unloyal attitudes.

What is your Dream?: To be on Broadway.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Cooking, Skiing, Computers and Video Games.
Talents: Singing, Acting, Dancing, and Playing the Piano. I especially like Ballet, I'm finally en pointe! ^^
Favorite Color: I love both blue and purple.
Favorite Food: Sushi, but I also love cold Soba noodles.
Least Favorite Food?: Spinach, as explained above. x_x;
Favorite Sport: Dance, if that counts! If not, then skiing.
Mature or Immature?: Mature in most ways.
Leader or Follower?: Both, though I also like to do my own thing.
Strong or Weak? (physically and emotionally): This is tough. I'm pretty strong emotionally, but I've been known to crack occasionally. Physically, I have a lot of ailments but unlike a lot of people that would merely complain, I try to ignore them. I have an especially weak bronchial system (I have asthma and I was a premature baby, and I'm prone to bronchial infections) and that sometimes wears me out, but I try my best.
Would you sacrifice yourself for the greater good?: This question is pretty general, isn't it? I suppose it would depend on the situation, but most likely. For example, if it was like... me or the earth? I Definitely Would.
Favorite Element and why?: I'm strange, I like both water and fire. Fire is very alluring, and keeps me warm (I get cold so easily)! But water is so beautiful, when I'm in a beach town I find myself attracted to the mysterious aspects of the sea and I could sit and watch it forever.
Favorite Type of Magical Girl and why?: For fear of sounding like Daidouji Tomoyo here, CUTE ONES! Ah, when I'm feeling sad and I put in CardCaptor Sakura, for instance, it cheers me right up.
Least Favorite and why?: Any of them that are all self-sacrificing but emo about it, 'Why do I have to do this? Why me?'... Though really, I think I just described Ikari Shinji and he's definitely not a magical girl.
Favorite Quote or motto: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Anything else?: Thank you for rating me!

Please mouse over the pictures for date taken and description!


December 2006, Most recent picture... I look silly. XD

November 2006!

November 2006, Same as Above~

October 2006

September 2006, NYC




2004, in Hikone Japan, with 'sisters' Akiko and Sakiko.

1995, when I was a child model. xD

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